What is C4Creative?

C4Creative is a creative marketing agency with a flair for both the creative and analytical sides of doing business.

We believe that we bring a fresh approach to the table – a client-focused, results-driven approach based on experience and learning.

We are, like everyone else, the sum of our experiences – and they greatly inform our work. To understand how we can add value to your business, it might help to understand a little bit about our background…

Previously employed by a well-known blue-chip telecoms business, we gained a valuable education and many years’ experience working in highly technical ICT engineering and highly challenging commercial sales and marketing roles.

Hungry for a fresh challenge, we launched Stour Valley Creative Services in 2003 to provide a range of creative business services, and a range of creative and family focused photography services.

The business evolved over time, with us increasingly concentrating on our commercial marketing activities. So in 2012 we closed our photography studio and rebranded as C4Creative to put all of our efforts into helping our business clients to achieve, and exceed, their business objectives.

So that’s C4Creative, the bringing together of experience, learning and skills in a way which is designed to help other businesses achieve more.

We are proud to help our clients to achieve their objectives – by delivering sales focused marketing strategies that work!

  • We have a great deal of learning and experience in sales and marketing.
  • We are innovative – commercially and technically – yet pragmatic.
  • We are creative yet analytical.
  • We are tenacious and committed to achieving clear objectives for our clients.

If your business needs to achieve more – give us a call on 01206 823218.

Let’s talk business!