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The plethora of marketing opportunities available to businesses mean that it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. In a complex world, every business needs a strategy to deliver their business objectives in a effective and measurable way – an online marketing strategy – built by a digital marketing agency with the knowledge and experience to deliver. C4Creative is that digital marketing agency.

An effective online marketing strategy delivers enormous value because it provides for accurate targeting of a chosen market, aligns the business closely with that chosen market and delivers comprehensive reporting to facilitate the ongoing enhancement and optimisation of the strategy.

A state-of-the-art online marketing strategy is a living strategy which needs to be responsive to changes in business objectives, market conditions, competitor activity and new tools and techniques as they emerge. It is also very data intensive – a truly effective online marketing strategy is no place for guesswork!

Search Engine Optimisation

If you’re website isn’t performing as well as you think it should then SEO is the first place to look for a resolution – contact us for a no obligation review of your site’s SEO strategy, it might just solve the mystery!

Pay Per Click Manangement

PPC is paid for advertising on Search Engines where, as the name suggests, you pay for each click through to your website – PPC is a very powerful enhancement to any online marketing activity.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn provide a valuable enhancement to an online marketing strategy – facilitating engagement with the target market as well as very cost effective, accurately targeted advertising.

Tools for Local Business

Google My Business profiles are free and can provide you with a better SEO profile too. So if you work with customers in your local area, and you don’t already have one, then we’d suggest setting one up right now!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is all too often over-looked in the online marketing mix – but it provides a cost effective way to engage with and market to your target market – ignore it at your peril!


Truly effective eCommerce websites can be a very successful route to market – but they must include all the elements of an online marketing strategy to be so. It’s not simple – but that’s why we’re here!

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