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Ecommerce websites are many things to many businesses – they can be exclusively online shops or part of an online and brick and mortar mix – and they can be used to sell products, services, tickets and subscriptions.

Truly effective ecommerce website designs and business models require commitment to every single aspect of the online marketing strategy, content creation and delivery methods covered in the individual sections of this website.

Ongoing success in the ecommerce arena requires ongoing commitment to the measurement and optimisation of every aspect of the strategy – it’s not simple, but it can be a very effective and successful route to market.

Different brand strengths, products, services and target markets mean that every eCommerce solution and supporting marketing strategy is truly unique – meaning that there really is no ‘one size fits all’ solution…

Effective eCommerce solution development starts with gaining an understanding of the business, its objectives and target market…

Next comes the need to create an eCommerce website with its supporting product database and library of product photographs. We’ve built eCommerce solutions for clients with just a few products through to many thousands of products – integrating with multi-channel tools such as Google Adwords, eBay and Amazon to dramatically increase market reach.

If you’re interested in whether eCommerce would work for your business – or you’ve already got an eCommerce website that isn’t performing to your needs and expectations – contact us to discuss your requirements.

eCommerce Partner Scheme

We really enjoy the complexities associated with building an effective eCommerce website design and solution – but appreciate that the initial costs of getting it right from day one may be a little concerning for some…

That’s why we’ve launched our eCommerce Partners scheme.

We’re confident in our ability to deliver complete and effective eCommerce solutions – but what we don’t have are the all important products, product knowledge, logistics and supplier relationships.

That’s why our partners are established businesses with expertise and experience in their lines of business.

Working with our eCommerce Partner businesses we are able to deliver benefits for both parties through an ongoing working relationship that significantly reduces the up-front costs for our partners.

If you’re interested in eCommerce but are concerned about the likely up-front costs and/or risks – contact C4Creative to discuss our eCommerce Partners scheme.

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