Unified Communications

Work with JP Reis consultants to reinvent the way you do business. We remain at the vanguard of converging telecom and IT technologies as IP adoption transforms working practices. We deliver comprehensive consultancy and implement transformation programs to enhance your infrastructure, drive productivity and save money.

Unified Communications Consultancy

Unified Communications is an umbrella term for the integration of real-time and non-real-time communications channels. Our expertise is the integration of systems to create practical business solutions. As well as serving corporate consumers of technology JP Reis also consult to telecom carriers, technology vendors and specialist service providers. Whether you are a communications service provider, corporate consumer or small business user we can help you leverage your technology investment by increasing your efficiency and productivity and creating competitive advantage.

Mission Critical Environments

JP Reis was founded to deliver international trading infrastructure transformations. We achieved a respected leadership status in this vertical based on our research-driven expertise in voice services and our track record of successful project delivery. Our rich experience of Unified Communications in regulated, mission critical environments means we understand the challenge of delivering high-performance infrastructure to support specialist applications in any professional environment.

Regulatory Compliance

The ability to rapidly reconstruct human interactions across many channels for regulatory purposes is necessary for many industries. The best way to achieve this is with integrated infrastructure that allows compliance recording and reconstruction to become part of business as usual. We will help you to create a strategy to achieve that while solving immediate problems of data retrieval from legacy formats.

As enterprise communication technology experts we can upgrade your current infrastructure, migrate it to a virtual environment in-house or hosted in The Cloud and define interoperability demarcation points. Call JP Reis if you:

  • would like to save money on Unified Communications
  • are suffering outages and downtime
  • have space issues
  • are looking to relocate
  • need to upgrade your network infrastructure
  • are planning a new office or green-field development
  • are just not sure which technology investment to make.