Data Center and Application Migration

The data center is the heart of enterprise technology. JP Reis provides solutions that encompass strategy, implementation, migration and operation. Optimum corporate computing infrastructure typically draws on a combination of in-house and external resources. Service components range from the provision of secure, physical space right up to comprehensive Cloud solutions.

Whether moving to Cloud hosting or a more traditional data center, the migration process can still be disruptive. The risk is greater when business critical applications are involved, however, an overly cautious, incremental approach has its own downsides. New layers of technology increase complexity levels. Maintaining obsolete legacy systems, even if it’s only for backup purposes, can multiply this effect unnecessarily. Our experts will advise you on the ideal computing infrastructure and your transition to it based on your specific circumstances and expectations.

App Relocation

Virtualization simplifies the process of application relocation but genuine expertise is still required to deliver a successful corporate migration. Our experts start by evaluating the current computing provision and auditing the app portfolio. Any single app can be part of an “affinity group” of interdependent programs that should be moved together. There is always app specific support infrastructure to cater for. Each app will have one or more owners and could have enterprise-wide user groups; the human aspect of any migration must not be underestimated.

JP Reis consultants are experienced in all phases of these change programs and can help your organization to make and implement the right decisions. We will help build the business case, drafting a high-level plan. We can then support or lead each project phase, avoiding wasted effort and downtime while keeping all stakeholders informed on the way to a successful deployment.