Technology Transformation

JP Reis take the risk out of technology transformation.
Technology never stands still and with change comes risk. In our key industries, it is not just the technology that changes, regulations are evolving at an unprecedented pace too. Competitive advantage can be gained by adopting the most appropriate technologies and strategies. The potential consequences of making a bad decision, or no decision at all, have never been greater. Of course, if you focus too heavily on avoiding risk, you are likely to miss out on performance and functionality while paying premium prices. It’s a risk in itself.

JP Reis Technology Transformation Process

Categories of Risk

  • Strategic: Don’t fall behind, what are the technological, regulatory, social and commercial changes that you need to prepare for?
  • Competitive: How does your current position stack up against key competitors?
  • Supplier: Is your current vendor the best available and what would be the switching costs of changing?
  • Performance: Will your solution perform reliably to a suitably high standard?
  • Project: Can you implement this on time and budget without disrupting business as usual?
  • User Functionality: Does your solution offer full functionality that your users can adapt to?
  • Operational: Is your solution resilient, redundant, secure and dependable?

Technical Project and Program Management

We have delivered a high-performance project and program management since our inception. Our robust, stage-gate methodology is flexible enough to deliver timely success in any situation. As JP Reis grows globally we demand the highest level of excellence at this core competence and continue to set new standards of project management in the communications technology arena. Call on JP Reis at any stage in your change program; we can reduce your risks from the earliest planning phase right through to post-deployment operations. Our consultants understand your business and enjoy working with your people. Our powerful project tools empower us to consistently meet deadlines on budget. By collaborating with your team, we ensure positive outcomes that last. We have achieved transformational results for companies worldwide and have the experience, leadership and professionalism to deliver complex change programs at any location worldwide.