Telecom Migration Manager

The transition to a new trading floor voice system is complex. You need to ensure your traders accept their new button layouts and that all relevant information is transferred accurately. At the same time, you want to rationalize the number of maintained circuits, even if you are moving to an IP platform. Our Telecom Migration Manager service [TIMM] helps you do all of this and more by simplifying every step of the process.

The Application

JP Reis software engineers developed the TIMM app for large trading floor migrations. The latest version helps manage migration planning, set up, phase execution and interviews. It presents the current turret display on a Microsoft Surface, showing button details drawn from the database, alongside the forthcoming replacement. Working with the trader, the consultant can use the touchscreen to prepare the new layout – in reality, the trader will normally grab the Surface and do it for himself. The app can also be hosted on the client’s network along with a step by step user guide. This is the ideal option when trading rooms are distributed around the world because transport and accommodation costs are kept to a minimum.


As part of the process, traders are asked whether underutilized lines should be maintained. The app displays lines that fall below a designated usage threshold in red. By removing emotion from the decision-making process, line reductions of 25-30% are often achievable. Unrequired lines are removed using a simple drag and drop process, there are also bulk deletion options when the decision making is easy.

Streamlined Migration

The trader voice migration process involves the transfer of information between databases. There can be infuriating problems uploading the data, even when moving to the same manufacturer’s platform. The JP Reis process formalizes a set of required rules and creates a software driven rules engine which identifies which ones have been successfully respected. Instead of knowing that there is a fault somewhere in an entire database, your project manager is vectored right in to a specific issue which can generally be easily rectified.