Contemporary Office Environment

Workspace and Technology Design

We create effective, modern workspaces by integrating technology and interior design early in the creative process.

Our consultants and internal architects combine the technology and design work-flows in a streamlined process that achieves beautiful and highly productive workspaces while minimizing disruption and saving money. This approach is particularly relevant to trading room design, which is our specialty.

Make a Statement, Attract Top Talent, Increase Productivity

Our integrated approach achieves optimum results whether your project is focused on technology, aesthetics, productivity or a straightforward relocation. Globally, JP Reis helped to migrate more than 10,000 investment banking staff to new systems and locations in 2016. This wealth of experience helps us to deliver projects following a trusted methodology that is flexible enough to factor in the latest technology and workspace trends. Here are some typical project types:

  • Relocation to an existing building
  • Refurbishment of an existing space
  • Consolidation within existing buildings
  • Turn-key and green field projects
  • Creation of new disaster recovery facilities.

Contemporary Working Environment

By integrating technology and interior design planning we achieve spaces that improve productivity in many ways. Essentially, everything just works and that’s a big statement in the modern workplace. Here are some of the user requirements that we engineer in:

  • A consistent design ethic means each space, not just the trading floor, looks similar, is well ventilated and lit, has its temperature regulated and is technologically fit for purpose.
  • Ergonomic workstations with legible screens and dependable communications systems.
  • Work can flow from the desk to break out rooms, board rooms and mobile devices with full compliance and minimal disruption.
  • Flexible secure networks allow employees to use their own mobile devices.
  • Remote working and connections to counter-parties are seamlessly supported.
  • Business continuity policy is well defined and easily adhered to.