Web Analytics and Reporting

There are many ways to drive visitors to your website – incuding SEO, PPC, Social Media and Email Marketing – all provide the opportunity to target your market like never before…

Statistical analysis of the performance of all of these methods – web analytics – provides the ability to accurately track and report on the relative effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses of every aspect of your online marketing strategy – which means that informed decisions can be made about where best to spend your time, effort and money.

The data provided by tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) and platform-specific analysis tools provided by Facebook, Twitter, etc is comprehensive, and some would say bewildering!

  • How many people are visiting your website?
  • How do visitors find your website - direct, organic search, paid search, social media, free or paid referral?
  • How long are visitors on your website and what they are looking at?
  • How effective is your SEO strategy performing for the keywords you target?

Web analytics isn’t limited to simple numbers – it can be integrated into your website to provide performance data too – which in turn enables information-based decision making about the methods chosen to deliver visitors to your website, and the content that you present.

  • How effectively does your website achieve specific objectives such as newsletter sign-ups, document downloads or video plays?
  • Where do your most profitable ecommerce conversions come from?
  • If you change the text, images, call to action or layout of a page - how will it impact on page performance?

Correctly interpreting and presenting the data in reports, together with recommendations for improving areas of weakness, can be a complex and time-consuming task. It is also a crucial exercise that should be conducted regularly if your online marketing objectives are to be pursued as rigorously as possible.

In short, information-based decision making facilitated by web analytics data provides the ability to optimise your online marketing strategy like never before!

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