Email Marketing

A valuable tool in the online marketing mix, email marketing campaigns are all too often over-looked. Some businesses express concerns about email marketing being perceived as spam or junk email – yet most people are happy to sign-up for regular offers and newsletters from businesses they know and like!

Used well, email marketing provides an effective way to engage with your target market through sales promotions, product updates or email newsletters.

Email marketing campaigns start with a list of appropriate email addresses and clear objectives. Your contact list may already exist within your company database or accounts system, and you could (and should!) use your website to help build a list of prospects. Contact lists can also be purchased, but there really is no substitute for building your own.

Once you have a contact list, you can decide which aspects of your overall marketing strategy to support with email marketing activities.

Effective email marketing is about far more than simply sending an email to a list of target email addresses from a desktop email application such as Outlook* or Thunderbird* in the hope that they will reach your intended recipients – and that they will open, read and act on your email as you wish!

Effective email marketing delivers a host of valuable information supporting your sales and marketing activities, including

  • Which emails are being delivered - and which are failing
  • Which emails are being opened
  • How many times they are being opened
  • Which links in the emails are being clicked on

This valuable data can be used to manage timely follow up of warm prospects, and to optimise your email marketing campaigns to deliver ever better performance over time.

Whether you decide to use email marketing to target new customers, or to engage with existing customers, email marketing will work for you as an integrated part of your online marketing strategy.

*Conducting email marketing in this way can lead to getting your company’s email blackisted** by internet spam filters preventing delivery of emails from all of your email users – you have been warned!

**If you’ve ever been blacklisted you’ll know how painful it can be – if you’re currently blacklisted and need help getting your emails flowing again, please get in touch.

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