Pay Per Click Management Services

Pay Per Click Advertising is, as the name suggests, an internet advertising model whereby the advertiser pays a third party – such as Google or Facebook – for each click on an advertisement or sponsored listing that results in a visitor being directed to your website.

We provide Pay Per Click Management services designed to minimise costs and maximise sales.

PPC advertising is different to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in a number of important ways –

  • It provides geographic, demographic and interest based targeting
  • Campaigns can be scheduled to start and end when required and can run at specific times of the day
  • Its impact is immediate regardless of other factors like SEO
  • Changes made in response to statistical reporting has immediate effect

PPC tools such as Google Adwords deliver ads as a real-time response to internet searches – and present them ahead of organic search results where they are more likely to be clicked. Others like Facebook Advertising provide very effective push marketing which can be used to successfully build awareness of a brand, product or service in addition to generating sales.

All PPC services provide for very scalable advertising campaigns without the large up-front costs associated with traditional forms of advertising such as TV, radio, newspaper, leafleting and paper or online directories – all of which offer little or no scope for revision or reporting.

SEO remains the fundamental building block upon which all websites should be built – by truly aligning a business with its market – but the way in which search engines work means that SEO strategies can take time to work to their optimum. PPC delivers targeted visitors looking to buy immediately and is therefore the next tool for the hungry or ambitious business to employ.

PPC tools are available on all of the major search engines and social media platforms – the appropriate choice depends on your marketplace.

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