Social Media Management and Advertising

The very real and long-term value of using Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to build an online community of followers, existing and potential customers is fully recognised by all of the major brands.
The opportunity to communicate, engage and interact with people who are interested in what you do is an invaluable tool for customer relations, public relations, product development, marketing and communication in general.
To deliver maximum benefit, Social Media can and should be utilised as a fully integrated part of your overall online marketing strategy – where it will provide valuable new channels of communication.

Engagement and Interaction

Social Media for business involves a mix of posting interesting, informative, amusing or inspirational content that you already have – and then responding to the resulting comments, questions, etc.
Large scale engagement can be achieved by running sweepstakes, photo and caption competitions – the cost of any prizes are likely to be dwarfed by the costs of achieving the same level of engagement through more traditional marketing methods.


Social Media platforms offer Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising similar in many ways to that provided by Search Engines – PPC can be used to achieve a range of aims from building an online community to driving traffic to your website and promoting specific products or special offers.

Do It Right and Reap the Rewards

Engaging with your online community is a great way to develop trust in your brand and build awareness of your products and services – leading to new, repeat and referral business over time.

The key difference between personal and business use of social media platforms is ‘professionalism’. There’s nothing wrong with exhibiting a bit of personality, but businesses should present themselves in an appropriately professional manner – text, graphics, photography and video content should all be of business quality – and responses to questions and comments (regardless of how they are presented!) should be in appropriate language.

Whatever your objective, the targeting tools inherent in these platforms make it possible to target your market by age, gender, location, interests, occupation, etc – making social media PPC an incisive and valuable online marketing tool.

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